Friday, March 21, 2008

Carmella DeCesare girl on girl - Carmella Decesare JPG

Carmella Decesare moved in between her legs and happily realized that the table was the perfect height for me to carry on with my duties. Carmella Decesare grabbed her by the torso and pulled her ass so that it was to the very edge of the table. Then Carmella Decesare stepped forward, placing my cock right to the entrance of her wonderful pussy. Carmella Decesare entered her gradually, pushing myself into her, letting her savor the feeling of my cock.
Her pussy was as tight as everything else on her body, wrapping around my cock like a well-fitted glove. She let out a long moan accompanied by a huge smile that was probably an involuntary response to having a cock for the first time in over a year.
"That's it, baby, that's what Kathy wants," she stated, as Carmella Decesare continued my thrusts.

Having her on a table of perfect height made my entries into her pussy smooth and void of friction—it was indeed the perfect angle. With her lying on the table and me standing up next to it, the only parts of our bodies that were touching were my hands that held her legs up by her calves and my cock that was drilling her pussy. Since Carmella Decesare was standing, I was able to see my cock clearly as it glistened with her juices, thrusting like a piston inside of her. Carmella Decesare sustained a moderate tempo that I knew Carmella Decesare would be able to manage for a long while, since Carmella Decesare had cum only twenty minutes before.
Kathy laid back, closed her eyes, and emitted soft moans as Carmella Decesare continued to fuck her deeply for several minutes. She seemed to be savoring the sensory lust of my cock as she became intimately acquainted with my manhood. After about seven or eight minutes in this manner, Carmella Decesare took my right hand off her leg, licked my thumb, started to rub her clitoris, and increased the pace of my thrusts. A film of sweat gradually started to build more rapidly on our bodies, and Kathy reached down and put her hand on top of mine to guide my motions on her clit. It was then that I noticed Anna and Sue walking over to us, positioning themselves on each side of Kathy.