Friday, March 21, 2008

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Carmella DeCesare, I hope this wasn’t too forward of me.” her voice shaky. “But you asked me to tape that movie for you and Carmella DeCesare was hoping you would come in to get it.”Carmella DeCesare began to blush. “I just wanted you to see what Carmella DeCesare do every time I hear you and Sam in bed together.”
Carmella DeCesare looked at Sam a little confused as to where this was going.
“Carmella DeCesare don’t want to sound weird, but have you , umm, ever considered a threesome?” she finished as the television went snowy.
Sam laughed and said “Well, Babe, have you?”

Carmella DeCesare was quiet for a minute and asked “Have you?”
He just shrugged his shoulders and said “What man hasn’t?”
Carmella DeCesare rolled her eyes and said “I’m hungry. Do you want anything from the kitchen?”
“A beer and whatever you want.” he replied.

Carmella DeCesare wrapped her robe around her and left the room, coming back with a couple beers and a bucket of left over chicken. Sam flipped the television over to a music station and they started eating. When they finished Carmella DeCesare was ready for a nap. She shimmied out of her robe and cuddled up to him. Not five minutes later she was out, and another five minutes he was out as well.

Carmella DeCesare didn’t wake up until 3:30, and she knew Kelly would be home and second. Rolling out from under Sam’s arm, she grabbed the tape and started into Kelly’s bedroom to put it back. When she turned to walk out, Kelly walked in. Carmella DeCesare smiled and said “Oops, hi.” realizing she was still naked.
“Uhh, hi.” Kelly managed as she blushed.
Lacy couldn’t help but noticed how Kelly’s dark hard nipples showed through her white blouse, and then how pretty she was. Carmella DeCesare started walking towards her and Kelly was obviously nervous, as she leaned in to kiss her lips and firmly cup her tit in her hand. Her nipple pressed into her palm, as Kelly started kissing back, lightly touching the tip of her tongue to Lacy’s.